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Mobile Climbing Wall

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This mobile climbing wall offers the most realistic surface on the market. Designed by engineers with aeronautical backgrounds, our mobile rock climbing wall use only the best materials available in the production process, and are built to be extremely strong and lightweight. The Mobile Climbing Wall is a perfect portable and functional billboard as well. We can design and install custom banners for you to advertise on it.

Set up & Operation

  • Set up the climbing wall in just 15 minutes.
  • Climb up to 80 participants every hour.
  • Up to 4 person can climb at the same time.
  • 26 feet (7.9 meters tall).
  • 300 square feet of climbing area and four distinct climbing routes.

Our mobile climbing wall is perfect for corporate events, malls, fairs, farmer’s markets, zoos, waterparks, resorts, schools and anywhere you can fit a mobile climbing wall.

Wall surface is hand sculpted from fiberglass composite to look and feel like real rock. Climbing surface comes with museum quality dinosaur fossils, features molded from real rock and is hand painted to perfection, you are taking a piece of Earth with you!


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