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Digital Ad Screens at the Dartmouth 4Pad
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Digital Ad Screens at the Dartmouth 4Pad

If you have ever been to the New 4Pad in Dartmouth, you know how busy it can get!  Have you ever wanted a way to advertise to all the hockey parents, players, and other skaters that use that facility?  Here's a cost effective way to reach them.  

Located immediately inside the main door beside the daily schedule screen,  and on the upper level; Six TV monitors can be found throughout the building and they could all be promoting your business to a captive audience every day! 

Five TVs are located on the upper level, 4 in the ice viewing area, and one by the bar.  The 6th is located on the main floor right beside the schedule TV - seen by everyone as they arrive.  Your message will play on all 6 TVs at the same time.

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Stock #'s:  G034, G035, G036

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