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Vehicle Merchandising

Car Reveal Covers Vehicle Merchandising
Made from dense, non-transparent silky polyester satin material to drape smoothly over the car and heighten excitement for your new car launch or customer handover, our Silk Reveal Covers will cover most cars and SUVs completely.
Vehicle Turntable Vehicle Merchandising
Virtually invisible in operation, this low profile vehicle turntable has an almost magic effect. It is designed to allow vehicles as small as the Mini and as large as a 5500lb 4x4 truck to spin just hovering slightly off the ground while hiding underneath.
Custom Offsite Displays Vehicle Merchandising
Are you setting up a car in a mall, or other public place and want it to really stand out? Let us help!
Custom Showroom Displays Vehicle Merchandising
Does your dealership have a new marketing campain, and you would like something creative to really help it be a "wow"? Contact us today to see how we can help you make your next program a success!
Display Stands and Ramps Vehicle Merchandising
Are you featuring a vehicle this month? Want to do something to really make it stand out?
Display Truss with Lights Vehicle Merchandising
A tradeshow display lighting truss can make you look polished, professional, and stand out